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"Guernica Expanded"

Free Standing Installation:  Height 56"   Length 64"  Width  32"

Guernica Focuses

Events trigger responses from artists. When  German aircraft bombed the  town of Guernica during   the Spanish Civil War, Picasso felt impelled to address the event and the issues it raised.  The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, September 11, 2001 caused us  to create "Guernica Expanded." Among other things,  it incorporates images from Picasso's paintings, Buckminster Fuller's World Game, headlines and pictures from newspapers, Ad Rinehardt's world game,  a mandala, my own game of globe hopping using as a token,  the only three dimensional object, the figures from my wedding cake. Guernica Expanded  is a maximal work that brings together happenings throughout history and provokes interpretation about the meanings by viewers.