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“Lion Killing A Bull”, a Persian piece, breaks
the rectangular shape on the right and the
horizon moves and bends.



Using the speed of light as a common denominator,        
it is possible to connect two separate events in a space-time continuum.
 (Schematic from “One, Two Three Infinity”)

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Fisheye lens shot by Neil Leifer allows
for a full circle, a rotated viewpoint that
suggests the shape of the earth.

Escher’s hand-held orb with self
portrait approximates the viewpoint
a fisheye lens could capture, including
curvature at the edges which is produced
by extreme wide angle lenses.
     Cubism played a considerable role in my development as a painter and is one of the building blocks of Maximal Art. But there are many other movements, for example, Futurism, Surrealism, Supremism that also surfaced early in the 20th Century as well as more recent ones that have influenced later artists including me. Perspectives, vantage points, dimensions— vital considerations for painters— are still not all there is to art.

360 degrees “Circle Within A Square” by Liberman(1950)

“Interiors, Exteriors” —S.S.A, 108” x 30”—a Maximal work is expansive, even going outside the
house, in contrast with Minimalist paintings and includes the proverbial kitchen sink in the center.