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I: Maximal Art

        A: About Anything and Everything

                1. The Big Picture

                2. The Grand Design

                3. Body, Mind, Spirit

        B: Filling in the Voids

        C: The Art of Addition

                1. Maximalism and Minimalism

                2. The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

        D. Events and Issues

                1. How to Use It

                        a. Recognizing Parallels

                        b. Reconciling Opposites

                        c. Systems Approach

                        d. The Expanding Universe

                        e. Simplifying the Complex

II: Traveling In Space and Moving Through Time

        A: Roots and Sources

                1. History

                2. Personal Experiences

        B: Breaking Boundaries

                1. Dimensions

                2. Perspectives and Positions

                3. Change

III: How To Use Maximalism:

        A: Tools

                1. Language

                2. Empowerment

                3: Use of the Spaces in Between

                4. Allies

                5. Interaction

                6. Targeting and Pinpointing

                7. Verification

        B. Choices

                1. Categorizing

                2. Basis for Decisions

                3. Previous Experience

                4. Games